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Type d'emploi désiré :
CDI, Temps plein, SIVP
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1 à 3 ans
Niveau d'étude :
Licence, Bac + 3
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Entre 1000 DT et 1500 DT
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Description de l'emploi

Real-Time Analyst Job Description :

Real-Time Analyst, work closely with Operations, monitor the incoming volume in the queues, report on daily attendance, notify any deviations in real-time, and ensure the compliance of the service levels goals to deliver consistent performance.

Real-Time Analyst Position Summary:

The Real-Time Analyst is responsible for monitoring the contact center staffing and workload on a real-time basis to identify the need for any adjustments. Our company operates 24x7 with multiple locations around the world. The objective of this position is to optimize service and consistency of results to ensure the most efficient use of the staffing resources balanced with maximum employee retention.


Exigences de l'emploi

Real-Time Analyst Job Responsibilities and Requirements :

• Track all elements of workload to determine if they are within acceptable ranges of the forecast and plan. These include contact volume, AHT, and staff shrinkage.

• Identify any agent who is not in an available state at the start time of the assigned shift.

• Notify the team leader if the absence is unaccounted for and continues for longer than five minutes.

• Answer the agent "call out" line to gather information on absences, tardiness, and other scheduling changes. Enter these changes into the WFM system as close to real-time as feasible.

• Identify and maintain compliance with any regulations, rules, or agreements that affect changes to personnel schedules such as application of overtime.

• Develop knowledge of the call routing systems to ensure proper utilization of the distribution rules as the center's needs evolve over the day.

• Manage the tradeoffs of budget restrictions and personnel desires.

• Develop daily report on the status of forecast versus actual workload, trend, planned versus actual agents available, and any changes needed for the rest of the day. Communicate the daily report information hourly and if is necessary, set a 10:00 am group meeting including the call to action and identification of responsible parties as required.

• Make real-time adjustments for team meetings, training, coaching, and other off-phone tasks as required.

• Work with individual requests for schedule changes within the day balancing center and agent needs. Refer agents to team leaders as needed to resolve challenging situations.

• Review the prior day's ACD statistics fed into the WFM system to ensure accuracy and separation of event-driven workload from the "normal" workload for forecasting purposes

• Develop analyses that identify opportunities for changes that will improve operational efficiency, consistency of results, and/or employee satisfaction.

• And any other assignments required.


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