Régulation Manager

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Type d'emploi désiré :
CDD, Temps plein
Experience :
3 à 5 ans
Niveau d'étude :
DESS, DEA, Master, Bac + 5, Grandes Ecoles
Rémunération proposée :
Genre :

Description de l'emploi

We’re looking for a good profile for the position of regulation manager in our Lycamobile Tunisia Head office.

The regulation Manager will take care of:

  1. Commercial contracts
  2. Must be able to co-ordinate and support the sales, marketing legal requirements.
  3. LI – needs to have or obtain a regulatory clearance to handle all local police information requests.
  4. Regulation assistance
  5. Main requirement is to attend all regulatory meetings and update us on requirements and co-ordinate with our UK Team these requirements to implementation e.g., new regulatory requirements.
  6. Regulatory compliance with tariff setting. Tunisia has a specific requirement that products/ services are aligned with regulatory requirements, tariff transparency etc.
  7. Telecom pricing and regulatory experienced person to deal with INT
  8. Act as the contact person for all legal and regulatory authorities and coordinate local requirements of the outsourcing support, support teams, legal , commercial , legal interception and anything else reasonably required from time to time
  9. Ensures compliance with regulatory obligations in terms of commercial actions, marketing, and advertising materials
  10. Check and send monthly, quarterly, and annual dashboards to the regulator
  11. Co-ordinate with the marketing and sales department in UK to get regulatory approval for products and services to be launched
  12. Respond to different requests from regulatory and ministry authorities
  13. Co-ordinate with the product manager for local projects and actions

Exigences de l'emploi

Skill Set :

1- Excellent English and French skills

2- Mobile telecoms experience preferable

Date d'expiration


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