Merchandising & Ecommerce Coordinator

  • Marsa Mall
  • 12/10/2017
CDD Informatique Commerce Marketing

Description de l'emploi

Job Responsibilities:
● Write creative product descriptions, upload new product images and manage the online product
life cycle for spring & fall seasons across all product categories on websites and SQL system.
● Merchandise & style sequence the incoming inventory of products and maintaining an awareness of seasonality.
● Work with the sales & marketing teams to generate reports on the best/worst sellers items.
● Inform the marketing team (email marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, website
artwork and landing page creation) with data on which styles to promote during key campaign
times based on inventory, research & user behaviors.
● Report and analyze ecommerce sales, generate bestseller lists, and work on design to optimize merchandise selection.
● Assist with photo shoot and video shoot production for ecommerce, including
model casting, and providing merchandising & styling direction on set.
● Work with the Brand Marketing Coordinator to create an integrated customer service program on
the Ecommerce website.
● Work with the Brand Marketing Coordinator to create an initiative to increase the UPT’s on the
Ecommerce website.
● Work with the Brand Marketing Coordinator to create an initiative to increase the amount of
customers interacting with the brand post-purchase by leaving a product review, joining loyalty, referral, and/or ambassador programs or placing another order.
● Work with the Director of Marketing and the Director of Technology to improve the User
Experience touch points along the purchase path on the D2C Ecommerce website.
● Work with Marketing Team to create look books and line sheets for the sales team prior all campaigns and events

● assist the wholesale team with good presentation for products to increase the sales.
● Research and analyze ecommerce trends as well as report on competitors.
● Develop, manage, and execute the strategies for social media websites likes: Facebook, Instagram, twitter and own website.
Instagram platforms.



Exigences de l'emploi


● BA in Fashion Merchandising or Digital Marketing.

● Language: Arabic, French and English.
● 1-3 years ecommerce or online merchandising related work experience in fashion or retail.
● Website backend and photo uploading experience.
● Understanding of SEO (search engine optimization.) & SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
● Ability to use and report from Google Analytics.
● Fluency & advanced skills in the Google Drive Suite; especially Excel.
● Strong presentation and PowerPoint skills.
● Outstanding creative writing skills that demonstrate a passion for design and eveningwear as well as a knowledge in dress construction, silhouettes, fabrics, and colors.

● Understanding of promotional campaigns within a marketing cycle and must possess the ability to think strategically, conduct research and contribute to the marketing team & campaigns.
● Strong understanding of the user experience and customer journey within the ecommerce funnel.
● Timely and professional communication skills (both verbal and written) with internal team and
external vendors and stakeholders.


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