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  • 02/01/2018
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Description de l'emploi

Functional responsibilities

As part of the Account Management team the Service Provider has to provide a dedicated and experienced Behavior Based Coach (BBC) Leader with the following responsibilities:

• Define and implement best practice coaching for Quality Management in close interaction with client internal support function

• Implement and reinforce Behavior based coaching through coaching observations, leading coach the coach sessions and focus on leadership development through the coach sessions, best practice demonstrations and equipping supervisors with the soft skill and tools they need to be successful in their coaching sessions i.e. communication, feedback, questioning, goal setting etc. The supervisors can then use this to coach their own teams

• Insure supervisors are following current coaching processes (situational and trend based coaching) in their interactions

• Insure adherance with defined quality Management approach. Work with Supervisors and trainers to emphasize the importance of customer satisfaction and quality programs with the Teammates

• Conduct Quarterly coaching and service skill gap assessments providing feedback and recommendations to the training organization on product and soft skill training while working closely with the client and Service Provider training organization

• Being the Service Provider’s point-of- contact for client quality coaching and development tools, making recommendations and obtaining assistance from client resources as necessary

• Attend calibration meetings with client and the Service Provider quality team pursuant to Section 7.1

• Deliver bi-weekly report to PayPal on coaching progress, development and action plans

Exigences de l'emploi

Professional qualifications/Specific knowledge:

• Minimum studies: Baccalaureate/Vocational Training. University training is an advantage, together with training related with the post (Statistics, Mathematics or Similar).

• Knowledge/Specific training in Coaching Management.

• Training in Quality Monitoring Methods, Applied Statistics, Training and/or Coaching Techniques is an asset. Information technology:

• Office package: Excel – High level; Power Point – Elementary level.

• Databases: Intermediate Level. Languages:

• A requirement of the assigned service is a high level of the language required to provide the service in line with Client Organisation demand. Skills profile and required levels (core competencies):

• Focus on the Client. Level 4 Capacity to seek solutions to client needs and propose measures within the Organisation to achieve client satisfaction.

• Focus on Results. Level 4 Capacity to involve other areas in the delivery of results; when faced with complex problems and changing scenarios, values solutions for the Organisation and proposes action to improve levels of quality.

• Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving. Level 4 Capacity to use various techniques and strategies in order to breakdown complex problems into defined elements; performs a complete and exhaustive analysis to identify various solutions, conveys the options and consequences succinctly.

• Focus on Quality. Level 4 Enhances performance and optimises the quality of work performed; continually seeks new improvements, sets ambitious goals which exceed expectations, assumes risks in the interests of innovation.

• Teamwork. Level 3 Shows interest in teamwork, takes responsibility for his/her work; shows a predisposition to collaborate and is accessible; supports Group decisions, participating in the generation of a climate of respect. Motivational aspects - The profile which must be presented by employees:

• Interest in the Client Organisation product.

• Motivated by analytical and systematic work.

• Remain motivated and keep a positive attitude under pressure.

Previous experience:

• External selection: Minimum two years' experience as Coach, and experience in companies belonging to the Contact Centre sector is an advantage.

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