• Intech Solutions
  • Algérie
  • 12/01/2018
CDD Informatique Ingenierie

Description de l'emploi

Level 2:
- Must have over 5 years of relevant software testing experience and major in computer, software engineering, information security, communications, and other relevant fields.
- Be familiar with software testing process, test management, test design, test execution, and other related work.
- Be familiar with Unix/Linux operating systems, Oracle database, and be able to complete basic Linux/Oracle operation and maintenance.

- Have a strong logical thinking ability, a good learning attitude, and communication ability, and be interested in learning new technologies and conquering difficulties.
- Understand and master Webservice/DCC/CAP/SIP/INAP and other common interfaces and protocols, and can complete interfaces configuration, debugging, and testing.
- Have relevant experience in function testing, performance testing, reliability testing, and security testing.
- Have relevant experience in software deployment, testing, troubleshooting in telecommunication business support systems (or similar systems).

Date d'expiration